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Locust Kubernetes Operator

Enable performance testing for the modern era!

Utilize the full power of Locust in the cloud.

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At a glance

The Operator is designed to unlock seamless & effortless distributed performance testing in the cloud and enable continues integration for CI / CD. By design, the entire system is cloud native and focuses on automation and CI practices. One strong feature about the system is its ability to horizontally scale to meet any required performance demands.

What does it offer

Fundamentally, the Operator provide the following as part of its core offerings; cloud native, automation & CI, governance, Observability.

Distributed cloud performance testing: Locust is a great and very powerful load testing tool. It is capable of generating a significant amount of load specially when configured correctly. That being said, there is only so much a single instance and vertical scaling can do. Luckily, Locust has a native out of the box support for distributed mode. This Locust Kubernetes Operator project leverage this feature and adds systems and functionalities to address challenges and situations that are exclusive to the cloud context.

Low barrier of entry: Utilizing the power of the Operator lowers significantly the barrier of entry to run in the cloud. From an end-user perspective, running a performance test in the cloud becomes a single command operation.

Test isolation and Parallel tests: By default, the Operator is able to support any number of Parallel test executions with an absolute guarantee that each test is fully protected from being polluted by the existence of any number of other tests.

Automation & CI: By having automation as a core focus point, teams and organizations can build performance testing directly into CI/CD pipelines. Meaning that every new service, feature or system can be potentially tested and validated for performance SLOs / SLAs.

Separation of concerns: By using the Operator, engineering teams can focus on building a robust performance test/s and SREs DevOps teams can focus on managing the resources.

Governance: Enable organizations to have governance over what / how resources are deployed and run on the cloud.

Cloud cost optimization: Using the Operator enables for a more effective control over the cloud cost. Since resources are only deployed when needed and only for as long as needed, the cost of performance testing is kept to a minimum.

Observability: For both engineering teams and cloud admins, the Operator unlocks the ability to build observability & monitoring dashboards in order to analyse test results during test runtime or retroactively (interesting for teams) and infrastructure usage and resource monitoring ( interesting for cloud admins, SREs, etc...).

Operator feature set

Whom is it for

It is built for...

Whom is the operator built for

Where can it run

Due to its design, the Operator can be deployed on any kubernetes cluster. Meaning that it is possible to have a full cloud native performance testing system anywhere in a matter of seconds.


The only real limit to this approach is the amount of cluster resources a given team or an organization is willing to dedicate to performance testing.

Last update: October 18, 2022